Applied Artificial Intelligence solutions
to maximise your business success

Elai Data helps your organisation optimise business outcomes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to solve challenging business problems.

AI and Machine Learning Consulting

Our experienced AI team works closely with you to help you build, implement and deploy machine learning models that create real business value, including improved operations, connected products and services and entirely new businesses.

Data Science Projects

Turn your data into actionable information with our data science experts. Elai Data can help you develop your own unique data models and prediction models based on machine learning and deep learning.

Ready-to-Use Vision Services

Use our pretrained models to obtain detailed information about vehicles from images, count and classify objects in a video or conduct sentiment analysis of social media posts. These models are all available as a cloud service.

Examples of our work

The following examples are tools we have built for our customers, using our library of smart reusable building blocks.
Car MMR (detection and fine-grained classification of cars in images. Traffic Counting, Analsys and Forecasting. Sentiment Analysis. Pose Detection.

Categorise and count traffic

Fine-Grained vehicle classification

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Visualise traffic patterns

Fine-Grained Vehicle Make and Model Classification

Classify vehicles in an image or video by their make, model, body style and model year. This product recognises most (> 3200) recent car models with great accuracy, and new car models are added regularly. This tool is available as a cloud service, hosted in Europe. Contact us to start a free trial.

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We Build Software...

In the broad field of data science, we specialise in computer vision and machine learning to develop cutting-edge software and consult organisations from a variety of fields.

Data Pre-processing

Cleaning and augmenting data results in better, more accurate models. Our automated data processing pipeline for text, images, video and numerical data is assisted where needed by manual labour to meet predetermined accuracy goals.

Computer Vision

We process millions of hours of video and images to extract the information you need. Our services include classification, object tracking, counting, semantic segmentation and pose estimation.

Mobile App Component Development

Our computer vision models can be integrated into your App. Our team provides the building blocks, documentation and support your App development partner requires.

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